"Death Whispers" is #57 top-RATED for teen, Love & Romance~!

"The Pearl Savage," #86 in top 100 bestselling for past 30 days!
The Pearl Savage was published on June 15, 2011.

First: thank you readers!!!

Here's how things are breaking down for TPS as of July 2:

#76 in the top 100 Bestselling for Young Adult paranormal romance in the past 90 days!
#23 for YA PNR for the past 30 days!

Great start for my second book...thank you so much for reading my stories!

As a "thank you" for my followers: My 100th GFC follower will receive a gifted eCopy of their choice of either DW or TPS!

This is in addition to the giveaway listed below! Feel the love!


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