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 Death Whispers Virtual Book Tour Giveaway.

In celebration of my virtual book tour for Death Whispers, I've decided to do a big giveaway! Just for stopping by, you will be entered to win an E-copy of Death Whispers. Also up for grabs by one lucky commenter is a chance to win your very own, Free 10-Stop Virtual Book Tour, donated by BK Walker from The Virtual Book Tour.

It's really simple to enter: simply post a comment telling me what you love about reading Young Adult fiction. Don't forget to include your email address so I have a way to contact you. Contest will end on July 10, and winners will be chosen using and announced on July 11, 2011.

As an added bonus, one lucky follower of my blog tour will win a print copy of Death Whispers. Simply visit my Meet & Greet page at:

Virtual Tour Book Cafe
Visit each blog listed for my tour and leave a comment. Then, stop back here and let me know that you have commented (or you can have them email you to keep it separate). I will verify that you stopped at each blog and at the end of my tour I will draw from the entrants to win a signed print copy of Death Whispers.

*I'd like to take this opportunity to gush a little about BK. I won my virtual tour and she has been gracious, responsive and helpful at every turn, thanks so much, BK~!


  1. I love to read Young Adult fiction because it isn't a children fiction or a real adult fiction. It's something between. It's simply to read and it's really amazing. I hope that I haven't do a gramatical mistake. Sorry for my english, Tamara :D
    I really want to have a copy of "Death Whispers"!

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  3. Hi Tamara. :) Personally, I think my maturity level is exactly where YA is at. I began daydreaming when I was 6 and they have always been... well, different. I'm older now, but is it weird that my daydreams are still sorta the same? Well, I am who I am. :) And that is why I like YA. Thanks for the heads up - I hope I win your book! :D

  4. Loving the comments~! Keep 'em coming! The romance is age-appropriate with "Death Whispers," but with all things it will evolve to be more serious with each book. "Death Speaks," is scheduled to publish August 15 and I'm really excited about having a mystery as part of the sequel to DW! :D worries, your English is fine!

  5. Hii!! thanks for the message and request on goodreads and also for informing me about this contest!! I love reading all books, especially YA because there's always great romance and tension between the characters!!


  6. Thanks so much for the message on Goodreads! I'd love a chance to win this!

  7. HI Tamara,

    No need to enter me in anything since i already read and LOVED this novel. I just wanted to stop by and say im so excited you're having your first giveaway!! You have my full support!!


  8. Awww! Thanks Becky...your support means the world to me! Let me know what you think of TPS when you get done! Thanks!!! :D

  9. Thanks for the heads-up on this on Goodreads!

    Personally, I like YA fiction quite simply because I think there tends to be a bit more creativity in this genre than in the adult fiction, for the most part. So many of the adult fiction books started to feel like carbon-copy plots.

    I also like the transition from naivety to maturity that takes place frequently in YA.

    And last, but not least, so many adult books try too hard to be adult...and just end up losing the fun. :)


  10. Hey Joel~! Thanks for your comment; it's really quite true. Artistic latitude is so much more broad in YA lit. Thanks for entering. I would love to have your opinion on a male POV as well.

    Take care, Tamara :D

  11. I love to read YA fiction because the characters always seem so versatile and "alive" to me. The characters in many adult novels fall flat; the plots in YA can also be fantastical, but they tend to be well-developed and intriguing. Thank you so much for this giveaway *fingers crossed*! edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom


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