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Thursday Focus: T.R.Graves talks about, "Warriors of the Cross..."

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The Pearl Savage now available in paperback~!

Check out what John Locke is saying about Self-Pubbing! *brilliant*

Thursday Focus: Tiffany King talks about, "Meant to Be..."

Margaret is *slaying* me on her blog...check out the sense of humor~!

I TOTALLY *love* what Bob Mayer has to say about selling 1K books a DAY!

"Death Whispers" #60 top-rated for YA Love & Romance!

Giveaway for your choice, "Death Whispers," or "The Pearl Savage"

The Pearl Savage (Book 1 Savage Series) now Available~!

Publishing Schedule *tentative*

"Death Screams," (Book 3 Death Series)

Thursday Focus: "Bone Dressing," by Michelle I. Brooks~

The Pearl Savage to Publish June 16~!

Author Interview with Steven Montano: "Blood Skies..."